No Quarter Siege is an optional expansion to the No Quarter rules to allow assaults on castles and heavily fortified positions. One player will take the role of castle defender, whilst the second player will take the role of attacker. The attacking player will normaly have a larger force than the attacker to balance the fortified position of the defender.


Siege battles allow for much larger models to be used. Apart from the actual castle itself, the attacker gets to field some impressive siege weapons; giant siege towers and battering rams are used to attack the castle walls and the castle gate.


The new rules introduced in No Quarter Siege allow the use of very large models such as siege towers and massive battering rams. If you have seen the Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (and don’t tell me that you have not) then you will know just what I mean.

The new rules cover the following new aspects of No Quarter:
Castle Components
Siege Towers
Battering Rams
Formations and Movement
Using Ladders And Grapples
Ranged Combat
Push Attacks

There are some weapons introduced, such as the Doomsday Mine and the massive Trebuchet and some new abilities and traits also enhance attackers and defenders.

The rules are available from the downloads section.



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