No Quarter Main Rules
The complete and free to download No Quarter main rules in pdf format.

No Quarter Siege Rules
An expansion to play siege games.

No Quarter Naval Battles Rules
The second expansion for No Quarter, this time covering rules to use large ships in the open seas. This zip file contains three files, the Naval Battles rules, a spreadsheet of sample ships and another spreadsheet to help you design your own.

No Quarter Accessories
This zip file contains a multitude of accessory files including quick reference sheets, a figure calculator, additional rules for mutations, magic spells and magic items.

No Quarter Army Lists
A selection of predefined army lists is available in this zip file including The Living Dead, the human Regency, demons, dwarfs, Koralon, Growlers, Chaos and many others.

No Quarter Rules – French – Francais
The No Quarter rules are available here in French. The original rules have been translated by Rodolphe Carpentier. This file contains the rules, a quick reference sheet and the figure calculator spreadsheet.

No Quarter Rules – Italian – Italiana
The No Quarter rules are available here in Italian. The rules have been translated by Domenico De Rosa. This file contains the main rules and the siege (assedio) rules.


One thought on “Downloads

  1. Great rule set, thanks for making it freely available. Just need to find someone to play it with. Haven’t played any table top war games in Years and was looking at getting back into warhammer. But with something like this as an alternative I can save a lot of money and still have fun!!


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