Many people have contributed to the development of No Quarter. Some of the contribution has been in game design and playtesting, while others have given permission for artwork to be used. My thanks go out to all who have helped me in bringing this project to its current position.

Robert Fransgaard for all the diagrams and magic icons in the rulebook and loads of help playtesting.

Tony Kenealy for writing some really cool background stories and helping develop the No Quarter world.

Mark Carmichael for help in editing images and creating some army icons.

Matthew Lyon for creating the full colour area effect and spell templates.

Christian Weiss and Tom Weiss for taking the time to provide superb images of painted figures from their collection.

Brian Smith and Mike Wikan for granting permission for some of their fantasy artwork to be included in the rule book.

Steve Cunningham for help in playtesting and producing some army list concepts.

Tim Gittins, Robert Grainger and Colin Matthews for playtesting feedback and additional rules.



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