About No Quarter

No Quarter is a generic rules system for fantasy 28mm miniatures wargames set in the fantasy world of Genayria. Games can be played from small scale skirmishes to full scale battles using hundreds of figures.

No Quarter uses an alternate unit activation turn sequence in which players take turns is moving and fighting with units until all units have been activated.

Playing No Quarter
Genayria is home to many races, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc and many more. Rules will be available for a number of standard forces which can be played as printed or customised to match the models available.

> Rules useable with any fantasy figures.

> Alternate unit activation, each player takes turn to move, shoot and fight with a unit. Play switches between players to help keep players involved in the game at all times.

> D10 ranged combat and close combat resolution system.

> Each model has a number of actions (AC) which can be used to perform tasks in any sequence. For example, a model may Move, Shoot and Move, or it could Shoot, Move and Fight in close combat.

> Detailed rules in plain english with many examples.

The model profile has been kept to a minimum to reduce complexity but keep enough detail to provide character to a figure.

AC : Actions
RA : Ranged Attack
CC : Close Combat
ST : Strength
T : Toughness
W : Wounds
CO : Command

Additional information covers the weapons and armour a model may be equipped with. Abilities, traits, equipment and artefacts may also be be used by models to further enhance their characteristics.


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